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  • Provide an overview of the methods to search for exotic mesons
  • Help students and new collaborators get started with the technical steps necessary for a physics analysis
  • All tutorials should be explained on the basis on a fictitious analysis of the channel γp→ηπ0p


Location and Time

The workshop will take place at:

DATES: May 23, 2022




It is not necessary to have gone through the previous workshop talks, but you will probably benefit if you do.


Workshop Software

The official software and all scripts used during the tutorial can be found on the JLab CUE:



Please add your name to the list of attendees below. No formal registration or registration fee is required.

Name Home Institution Level Participate at JLab
Alex Austregesilo JLab Staff Yes
Matt Shepherd Indiana U. Prof. Yes
Edmundo Barriga FSU Grad. Student Yes
Jason Barlow FSU Grad Student Yes
Peter Pauli U. of Glasgow PostDoc No
Karthik Suresh U. of Regina PhD Student No
Varun Neelamana U. of Regina PhD Student No
Susan Schadmand GSI-FFN Staff Yes
Bhesha Devkota MSU Grad Student Yes
Lydia Lorenti W&M Grad Student Yes
Churamani Paudel FIU Grad Student Yes
Justin Stevens W&M Prof. Yes
Mariana Khachatryan FIU Postdoc Yes
Alison LaDuke CMU Grad Student Yes
Lawrence Ng FSU Grad Student Yes
Chandra Akondi FSU Postdoc No
Sean Dobbs FSU Prof. Yes
Donavan Ebersole FSU Grad Student Yes
Gabriel A. Rodriguez Linera FSU Grad Student Yes
Zachary Baldwin CMU Grad Student Yes
Jiawei Guo CMU Grad Student Yes


Remote Participation

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Meeting ID: 160 199 0060
Passcode: 8394


Draft Agenda (Under Development)

Analysis Tutorial and Workshop

  • 09:00 Introduction & Overview of Methods (80) --- Chair: Sean Dobbs
    • 09:00 Session 1a (20+20) --- Reconstructing a Reaction in GlueX: Tracks, Showers, and Kinematic Fits --- Daniel Lersch
    • 09:40 Session 1b (20+20) --- A Typical Analysis Workflow (Signal MC and Background) -- Justin Stevens
  • 10:20 Break (20)
  • 10:40 Event Selection and Amplitude Analysis (80) --- Chair: Alex Austregesilo
    • 10:40 Session 1c (20+20) --- Combinatorics in ReactionFilter, Analysis Trees and DSelector --- Beni Zihlman
    • 11:20 Session 1d (20+20) --- Amplitude Analysis and Likelihood Fitting --- Matt Shepherd
  • 12:00 Q&A
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Software & Data Processing (90) --- Chair: Justin Stevens
    • 14:00 Session 2a (15+15) --- CUE, GlueX Environment and Batch Farm --- Alex Austregesilo
    • 14:30 Session 2b (15+15) --- MCWrapper and Monte Carlo Production --- Peter Pauli
    • 15:00 Session 2c (15+15) --- Analysis Path with DSelector --- Lawrence Ng
  • 15:30 Break (30)
  • 16:00 Simulation & Acceptance (90) --- Chair: Sean Dobbs
    • 16:00 Session 2d (15+15) --- Analysis Path with FSRoot --- Malte Albrecht
    • 16:30 Session 2e (15+15) --- Pushing AmpTools Buttons --- Matt Shepherd
    • 17:00 Session 2f (15+15) --- Efficiency Correction and Flux Normalization — Jon Zarling
  • 17:30 Q&A
  • 18:00 Adjourn



  • Links to video recordings hosted on YouTube are given in the agenda above.
  • A video recording of this workshop can be found on the JLab CUE in: /cache/halld/workshops/physics_workshop_2022/recordings
  • If the files are not in that directory, they can be retrieved from tape with the following command: jcache get /mss/halld/workshops/physics_workshop_2022/recordings/*