HOSS: Hall-D Online Skim System

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The HOSS system integrates the last leg of raw data transport in the Hall-D counting house and generation of skim files using gluon farm computers. A brief summary is:

  • DAQ (CODA) system writes raw data to a large RAM disk on a buffer server
  • HOSS distributes raw data from buffer to one of several RAID servers
  • HOSS copies raw data to one of several farm nodes to produce skim files

(see below for more details)

The system is driven by a configuration file that can be set to an arbitrary level of complexity. The simplest configuration would just distribute the raw data files over several RAID partitions.

The source code for the HOSS system is maintained in the subversion repository here:


On the gluons, it is in the directory:


The configuration files are stored in