HOWTO Bridge ESNet to a phone

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There are two options here. One is to dial directly into the ESNet phone gateway and the other is to setup a ReadyTalk phone conference and bridge it into the ESNet meeting via the gateway. The former is simpler and should probably be used by those within the US, or have toll-free access to the gateway phone number (area code 510). The latter may be more useful for those who need a toll free number (including some international calls) that ReadyTalk provides. The latter option does require a ReadyTalk chairperson id. Hall-D Staff at JLab have this id, but should not give it out to non-JLab personnel.

Connecting directly (from within U.S.)

To connect directly to the ESNet gateway, do this:

  1. dial 510-423-9220
  2. when asked, dial the meeting code: 8542553# (don't forget the "#" !)

Bridging ESNet and the ReadyTalk phone conferencing service

These instructions will create a bridge between an ESNet meeting and a ReadyTalk meeting. Users can then dial into the ReadyTalk meeting via phone to participate. It should be noted that users can dial directly into the ESNet meeting, but it may be a long-distance phone call that incurs charges.

These instructions were copied from the ECS website:

  1. Dial into the ReadyTalk service: 866-740-1260 in the U.S. and Canada or your local international toll-free number.
  2. Join/start a conference as a chairperson (secret chairperson id required)
  3. Once in a conference, dial *1 (this will put you in a dial out mode).
  4. Dial H.323 ISDN/IP gateway number as 510-423-9220 and press #.
  5. Bypass the recorded instructions by pressing #. ReadyTalk audio bridge will begin dialing out to the above number.
  6. Once connected, enter a conference ID, as instructed (for GlueX its 8542553#).
  7. Hit *1 on the phone to connect the bridge

All the participants of your ReadyTalk audo bridge conference will join the H.323 video conference.

To disconnect from the video bridge, press *4.