HOWTO build the CCDB

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1. Checkout a helper makefile:

svn checkout

2. Do the make:

make -f build_scripts/Makefile_ccdb CCDB_VERSION=0.08    or 0.09 or your most preferred version

Checkout of the code from the 12 GeV subversion repository is included as a make target. See note below.

3. Set-up your environment for csh:

setenv CCDB_HOME `pwd`/ccdb_0.08
source $CCDB_HOME/environment.csh
setenv CCDB_CONNECTION mysql://ccdb_user@hallddb/ccdb

for bash:

export CCDB_HOME=`pwd`/ccdb_0.08
source $CCDB_HOME/environment.bash
export CCDB_CONNECTION=mysql://

4. Launch the CCDB shell

ccdb -i

Note: some of you may have difficulties checking out out the ccdb code. You have to be a member of the 12gev_phys group at JLab to have privilege to access the repository [is this still true?]. Also, Subversion checkouts have been flaky lately. Alternately you can download a tarball from . Then step (2) becomes:

2. Do the make:

tar zxvf ccdb_0.06.tar.gz
make -f build_scripts/Makefile_ccdb CCDB_VERSION=0.06