How to run BCAL DAQ

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Taking cosmic data in the ESB and setting HV

  1. ssh into genl5 (computer in ESB), even if you are already on the machine (to make sure css loads correctly)
  2. Do not source coda_bcal_setup in /home/halld/bcal_test
  3. type 'css' to bring up the slow controls HV gui
    • If an error screen comes up try to the following:
      1. ps -ef | grep BCAL (to get localhost id)
      2. telnet localhost 20000 (or other from ps command)
      3. ctl-x (reboots server)
      4. ctl-] (escapes to telnet prompt)
  4. For cosmics in ESB use 'halld' account instead of 'halldrun' and use 'genl5' computer instead of 'clonusr2'. 'halldtrg3' is still used. Otherwise, follow instructions below
  5. When css looses communication, reset the crate as follows
    • Turn power off
    • Unplug ethernet (blue) cable
    • Turn power back on
    • Plug ethernet cable back in
  6. In the css program
    • Bias tab:
    • Hit 'set bias voltages' button. Verify temperature is set to 16.4 deg C
    • SiPM tab:
    • Turn on +/- 5V bias. Current draw ~ 0.75 A
    • Turn bias to particular LED column (1-4). Current draw ~ 0.0078 A

Instructions for setting up DAQ in ESB

  1. For each of the succeeding steps do the following
    • cd
    • cd bcal_test
    • source coda_bcal_setup
  2. Launch database daemon
    • login to under halld
    • start msqld by typing 'msqld' ( be sure that only one msqld is running)
  3. Launch Afec-1.4 platform
    • login to under halld
    • type 'platform'
  4. Start event builder
    • login to under halld
    • coda_eb_rc3 -i -s simple -n EB3 -t CDEB
  5. Launch coda_roc on the Linux controller
    • login to under halld
    • coda_roc_rc3 -i -s simple -n TROC3 -t ROC
    • Note: If TDCs are empty, reboot crate: On clasrun@clon10 >roc_reboot halldtrg3
  6. Launch Run Control GUI
    • login to under halld
    • type 'rcgui'
    Select 'Sessions -> simple'
    Select 'Configurations -> Cool -> 'simple' (see top menu)
    Press buttons: Configure, Download, Prestart, Go (you start the run)

Check data

  • To check the data do the following
  1. In the /home/halld/bcal_test/data directory type
    • emacs raw_check2.C &
    • Change the run number on the line with Int_t runno=###;
    • Save the change using the down arrow below the 'Buffers' command
  • To look at the data, in the /home/halld/bcal_test/data directory type
  1. bcal_beam simple_855.evt.0 (using the correct run number)
  2. root
  3. root [0] .x raw_check2.C (can use the up arrow)
  4. hit return twice for the data to be displayed
  5. hit Cntrl-c (to get back to the root prompt
  6. root [0] .q (to exit root)

Visual check of LEDs

  1. Power supply (Tektronics PS280 DC supply)
    • Connect +5V to "Fixed 5V 3A" (rightmost)
    • Connect Bias to + input (middle)
    • Connect ground to ground (middle)
    • Connect - input to ground and ground on "Fixed 5V 3A"
    • Set bias to 20 V (should also work at about 10 V)
  2. Pulser (8116A Hewlett Packard pulse generator)
    • Plug LED trigger signal into rightmost output
    • Set pulser to 1 MHz
    • Power on / enable (disable light must be off)
  3. Visual check
    • Plug in multi-pin connector to control board
    • Cover the ends up to make it easier to see the LEDs
    • Check LEDs are operational

Store data on tape

  • To store data on tape just copy files on clonusr2 to
To retrieve files, go to ifarms ( ssh ifarml64 ). You can see files using
ls /mss/clas/test/bcal*
  • To retrieve a file from the tape use
jget /mss/clas/test/file_name .