Installing VDCT

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  • Started on Ubuntu 10.04 with Java (java-6-openjdk) installed on my 64-bit desktop. I am not sure what other packages are required other than Java.
  • Downloaded "" file from VDCT web page .
    Note that we do not need to build it, we just download the JAR file. There is no need to worry about those long instruction which are for the cases when we need to actually build VDCT ourselves.
  • Unzip the "" file into the $EPICS_EXTENSIONS/javalib/VisualDCT.jar
  • Create an alias by "alias vdct java -jar /usr/local/epics/extensions/javalib/VisualDCT.jar"
  • Start VDCT by "vdct /path1/file.dbd /path2/file.db", and it worked fine.