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::- [https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3897600 Adjusting LED system for CCAL] -- Sasha
::- [https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3897600 Adjusting LED system for CCAL] -- Sasha
* Data analysis
* Data analysis
::- [https://halldweb.jlab.org/DocDB/0052/005239/003/glue-jefxd-igal-jaegle-27082021.pdf \eta \to \gamma\gamma\pi^0]
* Simulations
* Simulations

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Meeting time and location= 9:30 am EST (JLab time) Bluejeans only

Connection instructions

We are using BlueJeans Video/Audio conferencing. Our meeting ID number is 992533564. Click "Expand" for more details.

  • Make sure you have created a BlueJeans account via your JLab CUE account using this link:
  • If connecting via Web Browser: click this link (no passcode is needed):
  • If connecting via Phone: Dial one of the following numbers and then enter the meeting ID above and hit "#" or "##"
  • If connecting via Polycom unit:
    • Dial or bjn.vc
    • Enter meeting ID above


  • SICCAS crystals
  • Module fabrication
  • COMCAL tests, TAC running, etc.
- Adjusting LED system for CCAL -- Sasha
  • Data analysis
- \eta \to \gamma\gamma\pi^0
  • Simulations