JEF meeting, March 18, 2022

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Meeting time and location

  • 9:30 am EST (JLab time) remote only
  • Zoom meeting ID: 161 050 9142 Passcode: 004965


  • Preparation for mass production of FCAL2 modules -- Sasha
    • DSG: Continues to preshape ESR foils (80 per week) and wrap crystals with ESR and Tedlar (5-8 modules a day)
    • Igal started cutting ESR foils needed by the DSG
    • Loan agreement with the GWU has been signed (will start working on the contract during next week). Olga will come to the lab in the beginning of next week. She will work on checking PMT diameter and produce siliicon cookies and will take equipment to the GWU.
      • 160 NPS PMTs can be exchanged (will need about 100 more, will work with Vlad on this)
      • Diameter of 150 Hall D PMTs has be to be checked
    • Chris continues brazing brass straps. Bobby is working on honing PMT housings.
    • Scot, Keith, and Chris A. got a cutting machine to cut ESR front reflectors (can be used to cut Tedlar and Kapton as well)
  • Module fabrication -- Sasha
  • Light Monitoring System: LMS photographs, March 18 -- Arshak
  • COMCAL tests, TAC running, etc.
  • Data analysis
  • Simulations


Attendees: Bill,Sasha,Jane,Teagan,Phil,Igal,Liping,Zisis,Jon,Olga,Susan,Tim B.,Arshak,Igor,S.T.

  • Preparation for module fabrication and module fabrication itself continues -- now up to 180 fabricated modules
  • Arshak and Sasha started working on plexiglas studies for the LMS
    • Roughed surface of plexiglas with sandpaper
    • Light from a set of 4 LEDS inserted into two sides of plexiglas via optical fibers
    • Looking at light uniformity with photometer
    • Plan to build 5x5 crystal prototype with plexiglas attached on face
    • Also looking at idea of inserting light to each individual crystal with fibers
  • Igal gave an update on looking for the η→π0γγ channel in a subset of the 2017 data set
    • No obvious signal seen yet
  • Liping to write 1-2 page contribution to Snowmass
  • Liping working on a proposal for a JEF-physics-related mini-symposium for the upcoming DNP meeting