JEF meeting, May 6. 2022

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meeting time and location

  • 9:30 am EST (JLab time) remote only
  • Zoom meeting ID: 161 050 9142 Passcode: 004965



Attendees: Axel, Bill, Sasha, Igal, Liping, Tegan, Arshak, Olga, Zisis, Tim B., Phil, Jane, S.T.

  • We had some discussion regarding lodging for students coming to the lab in the summer.
    • Several hotels and extended-stay places/apartments have been identified by Olga for the period when the ResFac is not available
    • Arrival dates and stay duration have been set for GWU/NOVA students + 1 from UNCW and 1 from Lamar.
  • Module fabrication continues with help from Olga this week; now up to 373!
  • New space in the EEL building has been fenced off
    • Sasha still working on updated OSP
  • Arshak gave an update on the LMS development
    • Machine shop has cut hole in new plexiglas sheet for the LMS
    • Edges of sheet need some polishing to get rid of some scratches
    • Laser light shines all the way through from one side of the sheet to the other -- much better than previous prototype
    • Fibers with connectors have been constructed using UV-curing glue
  • Igal, Drew S., and S.T. met with Ilya to discuss details of the implementation of the island algorithm for the CCAL
    • S.T. has been adapting this algorithm for use with FCAL-2
    • Identified a part of the CCAL code that may not be necessary to use
    • Some indication from Tegan that Log-weighting for the position not as good as energy weighting
    • Shower reconstruction efficiencies need to be understood better