JEF meeting, October 11, 2019

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Meeting time and location= 1:00 pm EST (JLab time) F228

Connection instructions

We are using BlueJeans Video/Audio conferencing. Our meeting ID number is 992533564. Click "Expand" for more details.

  • Make sure you have created a BlueJeans account via your JLab CUE account using this link:
  • If connecting via Web Browser: click this link (no passcode is needed):
  • If connecting via Phone: Dial one of the following numbers and then enter the meeting ID above and hit "#" or "##"
  • If connecting via Polycom unit:
    • Dial or
    • Enter meeting ID above


  • CRYTUR crystal QA ( 37 crystals were delivered to the lab ) -- Sascha / Vlad /Josh
  1. Crystal Size
  2. Transmittance Check
  • PS test setup -- Josh


Attendees: Josh, Sascha, Zisis, Liping, Simon

  • We received 37 out of 64 crystals from CRYTUR (Czech Republic)
    • Boxes were damaged but there was no evidence of damage of the crystals
    • Checked crystal dimensions with micrometer at 3 positions along the length
      • Dimensions of CRYTUR crystals tend to be slightly smaller than SICCAS crystals so far
      • Found 5-10 micron level deviations along the length and overall the crystals agreed with the spec to within 25-50 microns
    • Visual inspection: all looked good with the exception of one with scratch on one side (still acceptable)
      • All were very transparent, with most showing no bubbles, and some having tiny well-dispersed bubbles
    • Measured transmission in Carl Zorn's lab: very small spread in sample of 10, higher transmission on average than "typical" SICCAS crystals
    • Working on Light Yield measurement setup: Sascha purchased a new 10 uCi Na22 source, getting 1 KHz DAQ rate
      • Idea is to check ~10 crystals with some measurements along the length
  • Fabrication: plan is to set aside area in TEDF, will need to be lockable and need to purchase shelves. Needs to be fairly clean but not a full-blown clean room.
  • Manpower: Arshak from Yerevan will be here for 3 months, possibly 6 months. Hakob can work on strap options and silicone cookie dimensions/materials.
  • PS setup in hall: plans are well underway for completion before the run period starts in November
    • Plate for 12 crystal assembly is on order
    • Fernando Barbosa is taking care of HV/signal cables, connectors
    • Would like some degree of vertical adjustment, tilt -- Tim is aware
  • Vlad Popov will continue to work on divider modifications, hopefully make several prototypes for testing with COMCAL in hall
  • Work continues on increasing light output from COMCAL Light Monitoring system by installing a second LED
    • Liping: can we increase uniformity? Sascha more concerned about small amplitudes.
  • MRI proposal was rejected by NSF, plan to resubmit next year, Liping needs to pass UNCW internal review first.