Jan 22, 2009 BCAL Construction

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Teleconference Instructions

Meeting time 14:00-15:00 Newport News / 13:00-14:00 Regina / 12:00-13:00 Edmonton

  • +1-800-377-8846 : US
  • +1-888-276-7715 : Canada
  • +1-302-709-8424 : International
  • then enter participant code: 39527048# (remember the "#")

Quick Reference Links

Documents to Review

  1. Dan's drawing of a leveling system for BCAL modules: Media:Wedge_Leveling.jpg
  2. Electropneumatic Press photos
  3. Electropneumatic Press videos
  4. Updated Wedge drawing: Latest wedge machined dwg
  5. Updated Base plate drawing: Latest base plate dwg need to remove inserts for machining

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Swager reactivation
  3. Beam/plate leveling on machining and layup tables (see "Documents to Review" Item 1 above).
  4. Installation: how to lift matrix from Al base plate off steel beam
  5. Latest changes to drawings (see links above).
  6. Review action item list
  7. Other business

Action Item List

  1. Tim will supply updated drawings and post on DocDB by this friday
  2. Swager reactivation and rolling spacing check (Zisis/George)
  3. Gilbert will submit a list of all tools required and cost estimates by middle of next week. Mostly completed.
  4. Gilbert will send a drawing of the machining set up for Jlab to reference.
  5. Detailed schedule for preparation for module production (Gilbert).
  6. Tim to supply 3d stp/iges files to Regina/Alberta.
  7. In progress: George submitted a QA plan last month. Richard will flush the plan and prepare the document.
  8. Manpower
    • Construction Manager: Progress at UofA on job description, job ad
    • Co-Op job ads

Action Item List Oct 15 Alberta Meeting


Attendees: Alberta - Jim, Gilbert, Jan, Richard, JLAB - Elke, Elton, Tim, Regina - Zisis, George, Dan, Keith

  1. Announcements: Tim informed us that three lead vendors have replied and all provide B29-spec lead cut to width in sheets or rolls (~20m length). Vulcan, that supplied lead for the prototype modules, is one of the vendors. Elton and George have completed and signed the lead spec document. First article may include lead for the 49th module or at least enough for a 5-10cm build. Turn around time is 20 days.
  2. Swager Reactivation: It was decided that Regina proceeds with sample builds (of short length) using lead sheets with different spacing of the swager's roller spacing.
  3. Beam Leveling: Dan's idea and drawing (see above) was discussed. The design seems ok, although there were concerns about the material chosen for the standoffs, their distance along the length, and the fact that loosening the steel beam from the base plate could be a problem. We also need to check the press bed and level it as best as we can.
  4. Installation: Tim stated that the existing pockets/features on the aluminum base plates should be adequate for lifting the modules of their support beams.
  5. Latest Drawings: Dan asked Tim to check whether the holes on the base plate are symmetrical along its length, from the center line.
  6. Review/Update Action Items:
    • Machining Costs at Alberta: Gilbert went over some of the numbers. 400 hours are needed towards the construction of the second press and $1800 is needed for materials (does not include the pneumatic system). Material cost for jog is $1475 and 90 hours of machining are needed. Just the handling of the 4m+ beams is 150 min per beam (10 handlings). Gilbert will work on the total estimate and brief description since Elke needs this to move ahead.
    • Drawings: Gilbert will send drawings of jig and press to Tim.
    • Readiness Preparations: Richard and Jim reported that the spaces are largely ready with most large pieces of equipment removed and only dusting needed. The lead 1ft-long calorimeter piece has not been machined yet for inspection by Safety. Safety also has to inspect the space for glue fumes. Gilbert will supply a machining schedule to JLab for entry into FastTrack. Elke mentioned that other updates need to be entered (Construction Manager, student, etc).
    • Manpower: Jim reported that the Construction Manager description is done and that Suzette is working on the advertisement for that position and this should be ready next week. The MOU process is also converging. Jim suggested that we hire students at $16/hour to be competitive; there is a 20% benefit cost and 15% . Zisis will check the details of the monthly Co-Op salaries in Regina including benefits. Industrial internships were discussed and the next cycle starts around September at both Edmonton and Regina.
    • QA Document: Tim clarified that the QA should include what needs to be done but not the how (i.e. tooling does not need to be discussed).
  7. Other Business: Zisis asked Jim that he confirms later in the day that February 4 is a suitable date for George and Zisis to visit Edmonton.