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(Tentative Agenda)
(Tentative Agenda)
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= Tentative Agenda =
= Tentative Agenda =
# Discuss Action Items
# Discuss Action Items.
# Review goals/objectives of Monitoring system and past discussions.
# Review goals/objectives of Monitoring system.
# Summarize info, prepare recommendations and discuss it in Working Group to reach conclusion and proceed with Athens Construction MOU (decision by May 2011).
# Presentation to CALWG and Collaboration Meeting.
= Minutes =
= Minutes =
''Attendees: Christina (Athens), Elton (JLab), Zisis (Regina)''
''Attendees: Christina (Athens), Elton (JLab), Zisis (Regina)''

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Teleconference Time: 09:00 CST (Regina) / 10:00 EST / 17:00 GMT+2 (Athens)

  • ESNET preferred, EVO as a backup

Background information

Action Items

  1. Why was the dynamic range of the APD tested over 20-450? Where there intrinsic limitations? Can it be extended to form a ratio of 400?
  2. Can George calculate the % deviation from linearity on his plot?
  3. Can George verify that the two-setting operation (low bias for near, high bias for far SiPM flashing) is feasible?
  4. What is the approximate power dissipation for each board? (Just LPM since LPCM will be further away).
  5. Zisis will bounce another idea for the one-setting operation mode.
  6. USM should be contacted to send more LGs to Athens (and eventually Regina).

Tentative Agenda

  1. Discuss Action Items.
  2. Review goals/objectives of Monitoring system.
  3. Presentation to CALWG and Collaboration Meeting.


Attendees: Christina (Athens), Elton (JLab), Zisis (Regina)