January 20, 2010 (11AM), Physics Working Group

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Connect Information

ESNET and EVO will be available:

1. ESNET: 85-42553 (85-HALLD)

2. An EVO room under GlueX will be reserved


1. Evaluating the effects of a smaller magnetic field

  • 1. Scale the charged particle momentum resolution in HDParSim. Confirm that delta_p/p scales with the magnetic field as it should. (David)
The increased backgrounds will require either (a) running at lower luminosity (how much lower?), or (b) increasing the dead area of the FDC or widening the holes in the TOF and FCAL (how much wider?). Choose (a). We should assume we will get the full magnetic field so the detectors will remain as they currently are (i.e. no increased hole sizes). Increased backgrounds would then require running at lower luminosity.
  • 4. Get the kinematic fitter back in a state that it can be used in simulations. (Curtis got the code from Matt Bellis. David is putting it into the repository.)
    • Partially complete. The code is now available in the repository, but has not yet been compiled and checked against the current reconstruction code base.
  • 5. Perhaps study missing mass resolution using the kinematic fitter.
One possible study would be to see how much the background from:
gamma p --> pi+ pi+ pi- Delta0; Delta0 --> pi0 n
leaks into
gamma p --> pi+ pi+ pi- n
for different missing mass resolutions. The size of the background could be used as a measure of our sensitivity to an exotic wave (e.g. if the background from the Delta reaction is 10%, it becomes pretty dubious to fish out a 5% signal from the pi+ pi+ pi- n reaction).
  • 6. Study the effect of increased momentum resolution on PID using the TOF. (Simon)
  • 7. Look at the omega mass resolution from b1 pi, and the eta (pi+pi-pi0) resolution from eta pi. How much do the backgrounds below the eta and omega increase with increased resolution? (Matt and Ryan)

2. Status of the primex proposal

New by Pawel: File:Eta pawel 100120.pdf

Ashot's slides: PPT

3. Talks for the January collaboration meeting
  1. Posted Dec. 7, 2009 DL)
  2. Posted Dec. 7, 2009 DL)