Jul 23,2013 Readout

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Teleconference Time: 11:00 a.m. EST

  • ESNET (Number is 8542553) and EVO session (GlueX Calorimetry meeting room)
  • Phone connection only upon request.
    • +1-866-740-1260 : US and Canada
    • +1-303-248-0285 : International
    • then use participant code: 3421244# (the # is needed when using the phone)
    • OR from www.readytalk.com type access code 3421244 into "join a meeting" without the # (you need java plugin)

Participant Direct Lines

  • JLab Phone: in CC F326 is 757-269-6460 (usual room)
  • JLab Phone in CC L207 is 757-269-7084
  • Phone in the Regina Videoconference Suite is 306-585-4204
  • Athens Phone: in Christina's office is 011-30-210-727-6947

Items for followup from previous meeting

  1. Monitoring Bcal boards: Elton will check that we have sufficient stock.

Presentations from recent meetings

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Monitoring
  4. Status of testing at Regina
  5. Update from JLab
  6. Update from USM
  7. Beam Tests, Cosmics
  8. Reconstruction and simulation
  9. Other


Attending: Zisis, Laura, Teagan, Andrei (UofR); George, Elton, Yi, Serguei, David, Beni (Jlab); Will (USM); Christina (Athens).

  1. Announcements
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Monitoring
    • Zisis: NIM article received many comments. Plans to update this week.
    • Elton: Next iteration might also require major work. Should consider some rewrites.
  4. Status of testing at Regina
    • Laura and Teagan are continuing measurements on IV curves vs temperature
    • Gain measurements show temperature coefficient of about 45 mV/deg C, but results are being checked
    • Currently testing preproduction #10 and #2. The later seems to be very noisy. There was some question as to whether it might have been irradiated, but if so it should have a note on it.
    • Will continue measurements over the next week and then results can be shown
  5. Update from JLab
    • Transmission Test1
    • Transmission Test2
    • New measurements of module 47 have been processed. They are all internally consistent. The time variation (consistency between iterations) is less striking, but seems to hold for the last three measurements
    • New measurements are underway and the temperature is being recorded during the measurements.
    • Beni: Noted that besides temperature, the voltage to the LED could be changing.
    • Elton: Last shipment of non-conforming light guides from USM was shipped Friday and arrived yesterday. The count was checked and the guides are now being checked.
  6. Update from USM
    • Winter break in Chile
    • Last batch of light guides was sent out Friday.
  7. Beam Tests, Cosmics
    • Shaun has been working on the script to analyze the runs. Elton and Andrei encouraged him to proceed with checking all runs and not wait till the script is "perfect".
    • Zisis: will travel to JLab Aug 6-15. Would like to discuss short and long term plans for cosmic-ray runs. Would like to add scintillator counters for better monitoring of incoming rays.
  8. Reconstruction and simulation
    • David, Will and George met last Thursday
    • Main issue facing reconstruction is the one of extra clusters. Will has made improvements, but now George is taking a fresh look, learning the system and investigating the scope of the problem.
    • It appears many of the extra clusters are associated with charged pions hitting the Bcal.
    • Beni: Sasha was looking at the effect of neutrons creating clusters in the Bcal by producing neutral pions, which in turn decay.
  9. Other