July 01, 2021 CPP Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday July 01, 2021, 3:00pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466

  • Present - Elton, Dave, Stephanie, Ilya, Rory, Mark S, Beni, Simon, Mark I


  • Minutes from last meeting https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/June_17,_2021_CPP_Design_Meeting
  • OSP/Testing status - Beni
  • Design/Fab/Procurement status
    • Installation/assy dwgs
    • Stand
    • Steel
    • Fcal platform mods
  • Things to work out
    • Gas system, manifold/bubblers (Beni has some)
    • Complete structural analysis
    • Develop Detailed installation plan
    • Develop Design/operational/Maintenance Requirements
    • Modified US vacuum system
    • Solid target installation
    • Installation drawing including Microscope move
    • CPP Detector operations in Hall D OSP

Minutes and Action Items

  • Rory discussed the importance of making sure the downstream detector has it's x-ray port facing downstream for access. With this in mind the 2 vertical downstream detectors will need to have a gap in between to accommodate the HV cables protruding past the planes. The x-ray port will be 15inches from the center of the detector
  • Elton will label the detectors as the testing goes along to ensure we know what detector is installed where
  • Discussed OSP -
    • Beni put the OSP on the table for reading and signatures. He will need a table to put the chambers on
    • Need scintillator paddles in the EEL 126
    • Need to hook up gas to the detector being tested first
  • There will be a 10" vacuum tube installed DS of the detector
  • 2 scintillator paddles will be installed vertically on the DS end of the detector close to the beam maybe 10" from the center
  • We discussed the clearance for the SHV connectors and using a right angle connector. Stephanie reminded us that we had made clearance in the base to allow room for the straight connector.

Action Items

  • Tim to look at chambers in EEL to determine how big a gap is needed between the DS detectors
  • Mark to arrange bring scintillator paddles to EEL
  • Mark to arrange getting tables in the EEL
  • Beni to get with Scot to hook up gas when ready
  • Stephanie to model paddles and x-ray ports in the 3D model and drawings