July 22, 2021 KLONG Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday July 22, 2021, 1pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466

  • Present - Hovanes Egiyan, Moskov Amaryan, Stephanie Worthington, Keith Harding, Igor Strakovsky, Tim Whitlatch, Mark Stevens, Johan Messchendorp


  • Minutes from last meeting https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/July_08,_2021_KLONG_Design_Meeting
  • Media:KLONG_Be_target_overall.pdf
  • Beryllium quotes - $11K
  • Beryllium sealing
  • Progress on Tungsten cooling
  • Poly compression
  • Preliminary 3D Model
    • Support levelers/rollers
    • Tungsten cooling
    • 7 cm tube downstream to allow cooling tubes for tungsten
    • Be target holder
    • lead geometry/weight
    • Borated Poly geometry
  • Heat absorbed by Be and Tungsten (.6kw and 6Kw respectively)
  • Requirements:
    • Cool tungsten plug to below temperature that affects lead (327°C)
    • 5 cm beam tube to PS and 6 cm to final target
    • Moveable out of beamline
    • Be 98% pure or better

Minutes and Action Items

  • We looked at the 3D model and all looks reasonable. The support frame needs to be analyzed for stress and deflection
  • It was decided that the 3D model of the beryllium target was adequate for now and we should move onto the rest of the collimator cave beamline
  • Tim proposed to RadCon that we wrap the beryllium in aluminum foil to prevent contamination. Waiting on reply
  • Discussion with RadCon leads to using a local cooling loop for cooling the tungsten. A more in depth analysis needs to be done to use the existing LCW
  • Discussed settling/compression of borated poly over time. Will probably need steel stand offs to prevent this.
  • Tungsten cooling concept was shown and a preliminary analysis shows ok. Beryllium should need no cooling besides small air flow
  • Intro of Johan to do thermal energy absorption in the beryllium and tungsten

Action Items

  • Proceed with collimator beamline layout - Keith
  • Analyze the support structure for stress/deflection - Tim
  • Follow up with RadCon on aluminum wrapped beryllium - Tim
  • Follow up on poly compression/standoffs - Tim/Keith