Kontron PC104 Hardware configuration

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  • For PC104 base hardware we followed the accelerator engineers who bought ~150 AMD Geod based Kontron MOPSlcdLX 500MHz PC/104+ SBC with 256MB memory card from WDL Systems.
  • We also bought a 16-Bit, 16-Channel, PC/104 Multifunction Analog I/O Board by Access following their recommendations.
  • For power supply we bought Mean Well T-40B AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output +5 Volt, 12 Volt, -12 Volt 5A/3A/1A 45W module.
  • We bough a development kit (a container), 4" deep. This was not a very useful thing though, but it still gave us something to mount the PC104 board in.
  • We had to purchase a cable kit for Kontron from WDL Systems to have access to the ports on the board since they were not standard connectors. For some reason it took a few weeks to get this cables.
  • There was some confusion about how to cable the module since the Pin-1 location for VGA cable in the manual that we downloaded from the network did not match the key on that cable. Also, the power cable did not seem to make sense to us when compared to the manual, so we used the PC104 powering option using the PC104 board that the Keith Cole gave to us.
  • There was also a confusion about the polarity of the 5 Volt. The manual indicated -5 Volts, while the power supply module T-40B provides positive 5 Volts. We decided to trust accelerator folks configuration and went ahead and powered Kontron using their PC104 powering module and +5 Volt from T-40B. This worked fine and we got to BIOS.
  • In order to have an autonomous system we purchased a 4GB IDE Flash disk so that we can directly boot from it.
  • We still need to make a decent enclosure for PC104, but it would have to customized for each application.