List of FCAL Beamtest Component IDs

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This is a list of each of the detector components to be used in the FCAL beamtest. The PMT/base combinations have been kept the same throughout the testing and setup. Also, each module position and cable numbers should be matched to the ones listed below.

trigger scintillators

horizontal bars on bottom

(from top)

position base ID PMT ID cable number base barcode
H1 0x732c79 02318 1585 20420
H2 0x72c932 07110 1327 20254
H3 0x72360e 02002 1256 20466
H4 0x738545 8239 442 20363
H5 0x733d10 1593 149 20427

vertical bars on top

(from left, looking facing up direction) position BASE ID PMT CABLE # V1 0x733e06 7533 518 V2 0x72dacc 4648 1069 V3 0x72bb3f 2491 1322 V4 0x72579b 5297 1577 V5 0x738516 01587 1847


spare 0x7349a3 7705 ---

schematic of positions

Looked at with the lid open, the hole for the cables should be to your bottom right.

(top view of horizontal bars on bottom)


(top view of vertical bars on top)

position V1 V2 V3 V4 V5
base ID
cable number

detector modules

(looking in from the back, from left to right)

row 2 0x72361d 0x7256ae 0x72355b 0x7349b1 0x72bb50
row 1 (bottom) 0x72e92e 0x72a530 0x72db49 0x7256d9 0x72a5c2