List of SLAC items

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-Can the rollers/cams be swapped for different support mounts?

-Rubber diaphragm around bar box head; do these still exist? What condition?

-How/where can I safely clamp around the bar box or affix a bracket? – this is so we can build a feature in the holding structure to advance the bar boxes into the mirror boxes…movement in X

-Alignment gauge 22L7484, does this exist? Was this simply used to check roller slots in original structure?

-Any useful leftover parts?

-What type of dimensional variance can be expected between bar boxes, as far as roller location? Did the above gauge cover max expected variance?

-How long can we go without N2 supplied to boxes? - Has been previously discussed but may want to cover again.

-Discuss and understand overpressure valves.

-Do any provisions need to be made for gas supply in the structure?

-What epoxy was used to affix the roller tracks in the bulkheads? Were any fasteners used or just epoxy? Any observed failure?

-Are there any outstanding features on the bar boxes that would cause interference while sliding in X? Anything outside the expected profile (fittings, fasteners, etc.)?

-Dimension sanity/consistency checks – some of these are to verify some dimensions we’ve had to piece together from assumptions:

               -box width
               -box thickness
               -box head dimensions
               -cross check roller locations with tape measure – to ensure I’ve placed the support bulkheads correctly.

-Take another good look at the lifting/positioning fixture, in the event we need one…lots of pictures.