List of devices in the Controls Test Stand

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Description MAC address IP name Serial Number Manufacturer Comments
PLC CPU ControlLogix 1756-L2 N/A N/A Allen-Bradley Backup/Test CPU in the test chassis
EN2T communication module 00:00:BC:C5:09:B7 hallden2t5 Allen-Bradley In the same chassis as 1756-L2 CPU
AENT communication module 00:00:BC:63:34:A4 halldaent2 Allen-Bradley On DIN rail
VME64x crate 00:50:C2:2D:CB:3E halldvxs1 Wiener New VME crate which was used in the 1st B-field test in Test Lab
VME controller 00:20:38:04:3A:8D hallddisc1 GE Intel-based CPU bought in spring 2011
SY 1527 HV crate 00:07:32:03:13:40 halltesthv CAEN An old CAEN SY1527 crate from F117
Newport XPS-C8 00:03:1D:08:FD:09 halldxps1 Newport XPS motion controoller for 8 axis.
ConnectPort LTS 32 00:40:9D:51:8A:2F 00:40:9D:51:8A:30 halldscs1 (S)W14430545 Digi Digi ConnectPort LTS 32 serial console server with 32 ports.