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  1. FCAL: Fernando and co. converged on a plan for baserepairs: will take 25 weeks to complete the FCAL repair cycle (342 units) during SAD. (See Fernando's email from Sep 18, 2020.] Work is in progress: The first 100 bases are back in the FCAL now (Feb 2021).
  2. FCAL: [orphan item] It has been noticed that the pi0 mass shifts when the LED pulser runs at high rate. This is still not understood. See Log Entry 3595928 and references. Several runs have been taken in raw mode. These runs exhibit the shift in pi0 mass with LED running at 1 kHz. There is a need to analyze these to try to determine the cause. Susan will undertake this task.
    1. 50634 - FCAL Green LED: 1kHz, 29 V, Livetime is 9%, 1.7 M events
    2. 50635 - FCAL Violet LED: 1kHz, 22 V, Livetime is 9%, 1.4 M events
    3. 50636 - FCAL Blue LED: 1kHz, 15 V, Livetime is 9%, 1.5 M events
  3. Tegan's work on comparing G3 (HADR1 and HADR4) and G4: he is running photon, pi+, pi-, proton particle guns. This effort started with Colin's observations on acceptance for the eta-pi and continued with Sean's observations on proton timing, which Lubomir reported in J/psi production. Tegan is now looking at Trajectory Point class, with help from Richard, Sean and Beni. Richard checked in a new heavy-no-light branch to GitHub. Next, Alex will provide a ρ data sample to Tegan for a look. This work is reported at HDGEANT meetings since December 1, 2020. See meeting notes: https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/HDGeant4_Meetings