MIT/FutureGrid Data Challenge 2 Production

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  • MIT Reuse Cluster providing 17 blades x 8 = 136 cores currently.
  • FutureGrid project currently providing us with ~200 cores at various sites:
    • University of Chicago
    • Indiana University
    • UC San Diego
    • University of Texas - Austin
  • VMs launched using tools developed with the FutureGrid project using OpenStack technology, exploring the distributed cloud computing model.


Update 3/28/14

  • Running smoothly for the last week with 300+ cores

MIT DC2 3.28.14.png

  • Only running jobs for 9001 thus far:
    • ~5K jobs complete with 25K events each -> ~125M events produced in 1 week
  • May get access to ~100 more cores on FutureGrid
    • Will run jobs for 9002 and 9003 on those and/or adjust some of the nodes currently in use

Update 4/4/14

  • Some (monthly) maintenance on FutureGrid sites this past week slowed us down a bit.
  • We're up to a total of 344 cores now, running both 9001 and 9002.
  • Possibility of ~100 more next week. will run 9003 on these, or switch some of the current VMs.

MIT DC2 4.4.14.png

Update 4/11/14

  • Back to running smoothly after maintenance last week
  • One FutureGrid site requested we slow production so other users could have some more cycles
  • Slides on cloud development from all hands meeting Jan Balewski @ OSG
  • Data from all three run numbers (9001-9003) now available on Northwestern's SRM Sean's e-mail

MIT DC2 4.11.14.png