March 15, 2010 (11AM), Physics Working Group

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The Ides of March

Connect Information

ESNET and EVO will be available:

1. ESNET: 85-42553 (85-HALLD)

2. An EVO room under GlueX will be reserved


  1. Update on eta pi0 studies GlueX-doc-1443 from Blake.
  2. Update on b1 pi reconstruction from David.
    • Additional comments on charged and neutral reconstruction GlueX-doc-1444 (Elton)
  3. Conclusions from magnetic field studies?
  4. Other studies?


While incomplete, a major topic of today's meeting had to do with photon clustering. Particularly in a hadronic environment, the number of "detected" photons is currently significantly larger than the actual number in the event. There appear to be issues of photons themselves being split into multiple photons, and charged particle producing odd-shaped showers that were identified as several photons. It was decided that this would be followed up by looking at the clustering algorithms and discussion would continue both in the offline meeting and in the physics meetings.

Curtis has uploaded a software manual from Crystal Barrel that did Charged Splitoff Supression using a kinematic fit. Material on Splitoffs