May 20,2020 Tech group meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Monday May 20, 2020 at 9am Bluejeans


  • Covid-19
  • Jlab Update - May go to MEDCON5 as early as May 26 to as late as June 1 (If approved by DOE)
    • ON-Line training course COVID-19 Hazard Controls, should be ready this week. All HAVE to take that training before coming back on site.
    • ESH to put signage on doors and other areas for occupancy, social distancing reminders, etc.
    • Lab to issue a self-certification process and cards (likely, the first time you get told what the process is, and then pick up the card at the first access)
    • Read and Sign the OSP for covid19 risk and exposure reduction by EH&S - it is nearly there,
    • Each Division to supply a MEDCON5 list for access - Phased in half the first week, half the 2nd week
    • disinfectants and cleaning supplies for general areas (like for us the Counting Houses) will be placed in areas and be available in stock room
    • There will be additional guidance in OSP before work will be started
    • People over 65 or have underlying medical conditions can get accommodations to work from home during MEDCON5.
  • Some important points to consider are:
    • We will only come back in phases. All work must be reviewed and approved by the Work Coordinator.
    • Essential work is preparation for CEBAF/experiment operations, needed planning work for the scheduled accelerator down, whatever we get judged on by DOE/SC and work related to quality assurance of procurements, etc. No default work operations
    • About 200 JLAB employees will be allowed back on site during MEDCON5 phased in over 2 weeks
    • If someone can come back for work, even if only for one hour, they will lose the right to use PHE, this is a DOE rule and is being reviewed. This will affect return planning
    • There will no longer be PHE for people at home with children. People that can work remotely effectively still can.
    • Communal coffee makers may be taken out of service
    • Employee supplied cloth face masks required during MEDCON5 in any area where multiple people are
    • Social distancing (6 ft min) required on all work unless AD approved and proper PPE

Action Items

  • 1) Update list of essential personnel (at this point I will put all except Stephanie) - Tim
  • 2) Develop personnel phase in plan (3-4 groups over 2 weeks, consider loss of PHE)- Mark/Scot
  • 3) Define Telework Staff (Tim, Stephanie)
  • 4) Develop plan of work needed when we return and review all procedures - Mark/Scot

Ongoing Activities

  • On Call Activity -- BCAL Chiller invalid alarm
  • Updates
  • Help desk still live -- 269-7155
  • Service now for issues -
  • Daily work
    • Send a daily check in email response to the group
    • Complete any training that is due within the next 4 months
    • Do any online training that may be available
    • Update documentation you are responsible for and are able to do from home
    • Familiarize with Bluejeans and attend meetings as required
    • Check Web EDM (CSS) screens periodically (daily)
    • Check HDLOG daily and respond as needed.
    • All must be available during working hours
    • If you are going out of town, notify supervisor and charge vacation
    • If you are sick, charge sick time
    • Charge HDOPS for the actual time spent on above activities
    • Charge Public Health Emergency for the remainder of hours up to 8 per day and 40 per week max.
    • Fill out timesheets daily
  • Anything else?