May 3, 2019 - PrimEx-Eta Meeting

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Time and Place

  • Time: Friday, May 3, 2019 2:00 pm EST.
  • Room: CEBAF Center, Room F227

Meeting Connections

  1. If joining via web browser, go to [1]
  2. If joining via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 7572695553.
    • US or Canada: +1 408 740 7256 or
    • US or Canada: +1 888 240 2560
  3. If joining via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: ( and enter the meeting ID: 7572695553.


Accidentals in Compton reconstruction

Primakoff Yields and Eta Angular Distribution


  1. CompCal Calibrations
    • Sasha showed that the CompCal energies from reconstructed compton events are shifted by up to 200 MeV. We will need to develop a procedure for calibration.
    • Potentially we can use compton events for energy calibrations in addition to the snake scans.
  2. Eta distributions
    • Drew's slides with eta yields and angular distribution: eta_yield_slides_05_03_19.pdf
    • Next week, will provide more detailed plots with progression of individual cuts and their impacts on the distribution.
    • The angular distributions still need to have accidental and empty target subtractions applied.
  3. Sean is working on timing alignments, so we will need to coordinate with him
    • Drew pointed out that the detector alignments with respect to the rf shifts a few times over the course of the run period. In particular these ranges need separate alignments (there could be other shifts outside of these run ranges):
        * 61426-61447
        * 61462-61568
        * 61621-61723
        * 61727-61743
        * 61744-61912