May 8,2020 Tech group meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Friday May 8, 2020 at 9am Bluejeans

Physics Resumption Planning

  • Stuart's email
  • Dependant on Governor Northam Covid-19 Phase in May 15 Media:Va_metrics for reopening.pdf
  • Jlab Update - Media:Rolf's_guidance.docx
  • On Call Activity -- Tim nothing to report
  • Tasks
    • Tim -- CPP Design, procurements and Analysis, GlueX Collaboration Meeting Prep,
    • Mark -- Return planning Media:Beam Resumption plan.docx, Log entries, Daily Virtual walktrough, training
      • Update return planning per Rolf's guidance
      • Assume only 3 techs per day working
      • Assume 1st day taking care of paperwork
      • Indicate any jobs that people need to be closer than 6 feet
      • Assume only 6-7 hours per day effective
    • Scot -- Continue SAD schedule, Put resumption plan into a Project schedule
    • Josh -- welding, training tagger window replacement , ComCal Chiller P&ID etc....
    • Stephanie -- CPP Redesign for alignment, CAD
    • Keith -- Vacuum training, DIRC strongback procedure, replacement water filters and UV lamps
    • Bobby -- DIRC Dark Box and Mirror Box Install CAD, 3D printing, P&ID
    • Chris -- Welding, Training
    • Nick -- power supply temp/Flow readings
    • Fill out timesheets daily
  • Anything else?