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Hall D SRC/CT Analysis Meetings: MONDAY 9:30am - 11:00am

Link to all previous meetings: Hall D SRC/CT Weekly Analysis Meetings

Please use halld_src mailing list for plots/communications!

Status of calibrations (all)

  • Summary from previous meetings: system status summary
  • Monitoring checks (run-by-run): see Monitoring at bottom (this is pretty much same as nominal GlueX process...see example)
  • Update from Sean:
    • fixed some timing issues since the previous monitoring launch.
    • before another launch, need to resolve the timing used for the full experiment with Sasha's timing being used for the flux measurement (handful of runs where this doesn't match).
    • CDC calibrations are bottleneck. Once finalized, then run monitoring launch to give data to check for BCAL calibrations
    • lots of room on the farm these days, so these monitoring launches (~2-4 files per run) go very quickly

Analysis topics

  • Analysis topics are listed here for discussion.
  • Initial interests expressed by analyzers
  • Initial Analysis Interest (Bhesha Raj Devkota)CT

Analysis updates (all)