Mini FCAL Meeting Mon. Mar. 05, 2012

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add additional remote scintillator before final Hall B run

Kei's working Geant simulations, see links below. Color coding for particles are

  • red - negative charge (e-)
  • blue - positive charge (e+)
  • green - neutrals (gamma rays)

Note that the code does not track optical photons, only energetic gamma rays. Currently the geometry includes

  • the CLAS vacuum exit window (made of kevlar, very thin)
  • the CLAS E-counters (4mm thick) and T-counters (2cm thick)
  • the distance to the above objects is calculated as a function of fraction of endpoint energy that the detector is at, and placed there
  • the front end material we use for triggering the miniFCAL (wood box x2, aluminum plate, 2cm thick scintillators)
  • the triggers currently span the entire x-y plane of the simulation world, need modifications

Simulation is in developing stages, but we are nearing finalization of geometry, and start working on how energy resolution changes with various materials in front of detector.


waiting on 1 light guide and the monitoring system to arrive

few simple metal parts to be fabricated

hope to finish detector this week and connect to stand by next week

installation estimate of March 21

scalars will be archived in EPICS

          • NEW MEETING TIME ***** MONDAYS AT 1:30 **************