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Attendees: Alex Dzierba, Paul S., Matt, Eric S. (Indiana), David L., Elliott (JLab), George, Mauricio, Zisis (Regina)

  1. Detector Setup/Mechanics
    • Status Quo: Enough PMTs and bases (XP2020 and Burle 8575) have been located at Indiana and Regina. The former will be tested in the next two weeks, whereas the latter have been tested and set aside. The light guides and their aluminization will be completed at CMU within the next couple of weeks, and then shipped to Regina.
    • Assembly, testing, calibration location: After some discussion, it was reaffirmed that the best place to have the first cosmics and gain setting is at Regina. These tests will be done in July. Regina will need to figure out a method of coupling the PMT+LG pushbox to Module 1 for the Regina tests.
    • Beam profile monitor in Hall-B: This would be positioned upstream of the BCAL. The BPM performs best under high flux. A related issue is collimation in front of the BCAL that has to be simulated as well. It is preferred to have a smaller (~1cm) beam spot, and having a collimator will allow us to run at higher current where the BMP works better.
    • CLAS work schedule: Things seem to be ok with most GlueX-related work planned in the last two weeks in August. There are still issues to be resolved in connection to craning the Module on the platform and aligning it; this will be done without the PMTs and LGs.
  2. DAQ/Electronics
    • Status Quo: The electronics have been collected at the DAQ lab.
    • Tagger and Trigger: The trigger logic needs refinement and decisions have to be taken in connection to the tagger signal combination (programming the OR) and beam (RF) input. The fast (air-core) cable was discussed and this will be looked into as well.
    • F1 TDCs and CAEN 792 ADCs: These will be on hand by next week and a new VME 64X crate has arrived at the DAQ lab. (The IU crate will arrive soon as well). The TDC resolution from the F1s is 60ps and this will do for our tests.
  3. Online software
    • Coda/Coda-lite:
    • Data storage: The Computing group is expecting details from us.
    • Wiki, e-log: David L. has installed the GlueX Wiki and JLab may add more security to it in the future. Greg Riccardi has agreed to installed an e-log for the beam tests.
    • Online macros/checks: David L. proposed the use of ROOT and this was agreed upon. David will investigate 'stealing' events from the data stream and running them through DANA.
  4. Monte Carlo:
    • Status Quo: Blake has programmed the Module 1 dimensions and has run the first jobs in the center position at several angles. Currently, PAW ntuples are produced with (E, t) information for each of the 26 readout sectors. This will be switched to ROOT trees. Soon, the Richard Jones OpenShop browser-interface will be operational in Regina, allowing alls GlueXers access to the MC data and plots. They can also upload executables and run jobs on the Regina hydra cluster.
    • Output format/data stream/macro type: Will be discussed offline
    • Validation (tagger energy binning, digitization): Will be discussed offline
  5. Offline analysis
    • Standalone vs DANA: It was decided that DANA is overkill for this task, so that the standalone reconstruction will be used.
  6. Any other business
    • The MC results will be shown at the next meeting as well as issues that arose during David L.'s presentation at a Hall-D meeting a couple of weeks ago.

Action Items

  1. Craning and alignment: Elliott will contact Doug and David Cashy on this issue. They will also be asked to participate in the weekly Hall-D meetings.
  2. BMP: David L. will contact Mark Ito and others to investigate availability and functionality of BMP.
  3. Collimator: Elliott will communicate with Franz Klein and others on this issue. Blake will simulate this once its dimensions are known.
  4. Tagger and Trigger: Paul Smith, Elliott, Franz Klein and Zisis will refine the trigger logic and tagger demands offline.
  5. Fast/Air Core Cable: David L. and Elliott will chase this and get it installed. Paul S. will provide specs.
  6. Data storage: David L. and Zisis will deal with this offline.
  7. E-log: Elliott will contact Greg Riccardi for progress on the GlueX e-log.
  8. Online Macros/MC Data steam/MC Validation & Binning: David L. and Zisis will work on these offline.
  9. MC Format: Blake will switch the Regina MCs to ROOT.