Neutral Particle PID May 2007

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Please edit this page! Write answers to the questions. Add more questions. Also please link any relevant technical document or talk to this page so we can use it as a resource during discussions.

Neutral Particle PID Questions

  • What is needed to to develop a MC with realistic efficiency and resolution for neutrals?
    • appropriate detector/electronics response must be included in simulation
    • an operational reconstruction algorithm must exist in the software framework
    • simulation must include a realistic picture of the material in front of the calorimeters


Detector Response

  • What input is needed to validate the detector response in the Monte Carlo? (Richard/Zisis/George)
  • What is the status of the beam test analysis that can provide (some of) that input? (Blake/Zisis/George)


  • What is the status of the reconstruct algorithm in the MC? (David/Zisis/Mihajlo)

Supporting Documentation/Links


Detector Response

  • How accurate is the detector response in the Monte Carlo? (Richard/Mihajlo/Matt)
    • it currently does not include photo-statistics, can/should this be improved
    • will need tuning after beam test


  • What is the status of the reconstruction algorithm in the MC?

Material Budget

  • Is the material picture accurate?
  • Are we considering alternate material descriptions?
  • What is the status of these investigations?