Nofield plan

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  1. Straight track runs (about 8h-12h depending on the beam delivery). We are doing that now.
  2. Straight track runs with empty target. (Simon said he would be useful for target position check). 2 to 3h.
  3. Remove the muon chamber from the beam line: right now, its data are useless. David Lawrence believes that there might be a grounding problem that makes the F250 wire signals to widely oscillate. Removing the chamber is a 2 to 3h operation. It will be also valuable for the TAC runs (see below).
  4. FDC/CDC HV scans. Lubomir said he is ready to do then without field. We need input from Naomi for the CDC. It's a 6h task.
  5. Sasha has a few hours of L1 trigger refinement to do. Maybe this can be done without magnetic field?
  6. We were planning a TAC run without magnetic field, to facilitate comparison with the GEANT simulation. We could also do the V-wire run/foil TAC runs comparison. So that's probably a 8-12h task. An issue is that Hovanes is off Sunday and Monday. Maybe Sasha can do the TAC runs (including with V-wire) without Hovanes? Or maybe Hovanes can make preparation today so that Sasha can do the runs by himself Sunday or Monday.
  7. We still have the 45 degree and 135 degree diamond alignment to do for the 60 um diamond (4h). We could also align the 17 um diamond (0 and 90 degree only). An issue is that Hovanes is off Sunday and Monday. Maybe Paul can do it?
  8. Beam tuning improvement.
  9. We could propose radcon to do his surveys for the fast access assessment? (Beam on for a short time, then access and survey).