Notes taken at April 10,2012 meeting by Dave

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These are from a multi-hall Software Review Preparations meeting organized by Rolf with all 4 halls participating.


Rolf E., Chip W., Eugene C., Dennis W., Graham H., Steve W., Ole H., Mark J., Mark I., Curtis M., Volker B., Howard F., Javier G., Latifa E., Glenn Y.

Review Organization

  • Four people have been confirmed for the committee: Torre Wenaus-Brookhaven (chair), Patricia McBride-Fermilab, Claude Marchand-SACLAY/COMPASS, Martin Purske-PHENIX
    • Rolf was going to discuss the possibility of a 5th committee member with Bob
  • Dates are confirmed for June 7th and 8th
  • Draft (possibly final) charge has been set
    • Chip said this was like "earlier draft, but with DAQ added"
    • No one has seen a draft charge, only a list of questions
    • Rolf will ask Bob about it

Review Agenda

  • A first draft of the agenda was shown
  • Halls B&D each have 40 minutes while Halls A&C each have 30 minutes in the morning session
    • The number of speakers is up to each hall to decide
    • Glenn describes morning session as "getting the numbers on the table"
      • Manpower and management structure
      • Disk, CPU, bandwidth requirements
  • Afternoon will have 2 parallel sessions, each 2 hours long
    • A&C in one
    • B&D in the other
    • Format is not exactly clear but intent is for most of the time to be spent with question/answer
  • Rolf wanted by the end of the week (i.e. April 13th, 2012)
    1. How many talks each hall will be presenting in the morning session
    2. Ideas/suggestion for the parallel session


Javier mentioned that the chair person seemed particularly interested in:

  • How 3rd party software like ROOT and CERNLIB are managed (at JLab they tend to be managed by individual groups while at LHC and Fermilab, they are managed centrally)
  • Making sure we are aware of the amount of resources it will take to make use of any kind of offsite computing resources

We will meet again sometime around April 24-27 to present talk outlines. Rolf will schedule that.