Notes taken at March 14,2012 meeting by Dave

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Below are some notes I (David) typed up during the meeting on March 14, 2012.

- Several names identified from other labs. One contacted and asked to be chair.
- Review dates tentative (pending chair being identified)

Preliminary Schedule
- 1st week of April meet again to discuss
  + "tight spots" and "weaknesses" (bottlenecks)
  + One slide on how we will manage software development

- April 23-27 need draft of what things we will need to prepare for slides (what slides are intended, but not necessarily full draft)

- Mid May (14,15) for first dry run (Mon and Tues.)

- May 29, 30  Final Dry Run (possibly May 24, 25)

1. Introduction talk would cover all halls indicating type of equipment (farm etc.)
2. Global talk on computing and DAQ
3. One block per hall (could be one or two talks). Probably only 1 hour per hall
   (possibly 1.5 hours)

Other Preparations
- Need some supporting documentation
  + Every hall should have a Research Management Plan a'la Hall-A's (should have in April)