November 23, 2007 Calorimetry

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  • The meeting will be held at 14:00 EST (13:00 CST)
  • ESNET No.: 8242553


  1. Calorimetry Document Preparation
  2. FCAL Hardware/Software
    • Light guide measurements
    • Low energy threshold: cosmics/Cherenkov
    • Hadronic backgrounds in neutral physics channels [1]
  3. BCAL Hardware/Software
  4. FCAL-BCAL Hole
  5. Any other business


Attendees: Matt Shepherd, Beni Zihlmann, Mihajlo Kornicer (Indiana), Blake Leverington, Andrei Semenov, Zisis Papandreou (Regina)

  1. Calorimetry Document
    • Assignments: Intro (Alex), BCAL (George, Zisis), FCAL (Matt, Beni), Simulations (Mihajlo), Editing (Alex, George)
    • Style: LaTeX; Alex will set the style/standards, and start building a new halld.bib bibliography file. After discussion, it was decided (offline) to not try and patch up the CDR v4 style, abbreviations and bibliography, but rather to start anew. The Calorimetry chapter will be used to set the new style standards that will then be used for the rest of DR v5.
    • Milestones: First draft of document by week Dec 17. Next draft before Jan Collaboration meeting. Final document by Jan 31, to give a couple of weeks to the reviewers before the Feb 18 Calorimetry Review.
  2. FCAL Reports
    • Students will finish their work on the light guide wrapping before Xmas break and produce documentation that will be used in the Calorimetry Document.
    • Cosmics/Cherenkov work is continuing and is estimated to be largely complete by the end of January.
    • Reconstruction work is proceeding nicely, with a large sample of Pythia background available (see link). Plans include carrying out amplitude analysis as well before the Review.
  3. BCAL Reports
    • SiPM cosmics with G3 array continue. Enough statistics will be available by Nov. 30 to allow for a teleconference with SensL/JLab/Regina in the week of December 3. Other arrays and improvements will be tested next. Phase-1 closure report is aimed for before Xmas. The current arrays will not allow the extraction of number of p.e.'s with reasonable error bars, due to pad-to-pad variations. Nevertheless, the mathematical procedure is being developed for future use. Out of these tests, the amplitude and timing behavior will be examined.
    • Work has commenced on the simulation of 0.3mm lead leading to a larger sampling fraction. The work will be completed by the end of January.
    • Monte Carlo validation to the beam tests continues.
  4. FCAL-BCAL Hole: no progress this week; we will get an update next week from Paul/Richard.
  5. Next Meeting: Thursday, November 29 at 11am EST. Until the end of the year, Thursday mornings at 11am EST works for Indiana, Athens, Regina and Elton. FSU has not replied yet. We will revise this time in early 2008.