OWG Meeting 17-Jul-2013

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  • Upcoming topics
  • L3 program - Dave, Elliott
    • Translation table
    • hd_online
    • raw data, compressed vs uncompressed
    • Calibration/Alignment issues?
    • Status of processing uncompressed and compressed simulated raw data and monitoring/L3 farm - Dave L, Elliott
    • What online projects can other groups take over? - Elliott
    • Status and schedule of Hall D projects proposed to be done by DAQ group - Graham
      • Linux SBC configuration, installation, booting - by Bryan
      • InfiniBand hardware specification, purchase, installation - by Dave A
      • Farm manager CODA component - by Vardan
    • Ed to talk more on FPGA programming


1:30 PM Wed 17-Jul-2013 CC F326


Next Meeting

1:30 PM Wed 31-Jul-2013 CC F326


Present: Elliott W, Serguei P, Dave L, Simon T, Sean D, Curtis M, Fernando B, Hovanes E, Mark D, Bryan M, Alex S.


Elliott presented a followup to Johann's presentation last meeting concerning useful features in the new C++11 standard. Almost all of the standard is implemented in the GCC 4.8.0 compiler, many features exist in earlier versions. Elliott broke the new features down into two categories: those related to programming safety and those related to convenience. See the slides for details.


Serguei presented an update on his work on the JInventory system. He was able to read Fernando's spreadsheets and enter electronics module information into the database. He removed redundant or unneeded columns and improved checking and consistency. He implemented a much better (hierarchical) scheme for specifying the parent of an item. He removed slot items (unneeded) and everything related to slots, which now just become an attribute of an item instead of a separate item. He used the "geomloc" field to hold information to allow him to create graphical representations of areas in the halls, groups of racks, crates within the racks and the modules themselves. Using these web pages you can drill down from an area in the hall to get information on a specific module. He will move the documentation and other fields to the Brand-Format-Model table, where they really belong. Finally, concerning translation tables, we are evaluating whether to implement and use the cable database component developed by CLAS or to use Dave L's tables directly.

Online Data Challenge

Dave L discussed goals for the upcoming data challenge, see his slides above. Hi outlined two models for data monitoring, one where the monitoring programs are in the data path to the event recorder, another where is is not. Also, the current plan includes testing L3 rejection using algorithms from Justin.


Bryan reported that three crates were removed from DAQ testing since they need to be installed in the hall. We didn't have enough ROC's anyway.

Counting House

Hovanes reported that the cubicle computers are installed, consoles are in and soon to be powered up, the large screen TV is up as is the two Accelerator screen TV's. Power and networking soon to be installed in the counting room. We were short five mounts for the large screens in the counting room, facilities will figure out what happened and get them.

Solenoid Test

Elliott reported we continue to wait for the cryo system to work, with carbon contamination being the main problem. Otherwise we've been incrementally improving things as we wait. We are ready for mapping and are developing a 24-hour shift schedule.


Hovanes reported that Nerses continues to work on the HV, including duplicating the logical and physical naming hierarchy in the database. He is also working on gui's. Vanik continues to work on motion control and will be testing things in the FEL. He is also having some channel access network binding problems on computers with dual-NIC's.