Oct 9, 2012 Calorimetry

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Teleconference Time: 11:00 a.m. EST

  • ESNET (Number is 8542553) and EVO session (GlueX Calorimetry meeting room)
  • Phone connection only upon request.
    • +1-866-740-1260 : US+Canada
    • +1-303-248-0285 : International
    • then enter participant code: 3421244# (remember the "#").
    • or www.readytalk.com (and code without the #)

Participant Direct Lines

  • JLab Phone: in CC F326 is 757-269-6460 (usual room)
  • JLab Phone in CC L207 is 757-269-7084
  • Phone in the Regina Videoconference Suite is 306-585-4204
  • Athens Phone: in Christina's office is 011-30-210-727-6947

Items for followup from previous meeting(s)

  1. Fcal
    • Add beam hole for the ABS upstream cover. (Matt)
    • Feedback to IU on drawings that have been shipped (Tim and Chuck) Section drawings sent
  2. SiPMs
  3. Light Guides
    • Send excel sheet with progress information to Elton. (Francisco)
  4. Simulation
    • Add up-to-date geometry for plexiglass pane and TOF detector and rerun simulation to check photon reconstruction

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Monitoring
  4. FCAL
  5. USM update
    1. SiPM Update (Javiera)
  6. BCAL
  7. TDR update
    1. Instructions for the TDR (You must be logged into the wiki to access this page).
  8. Calibration of Calorimeters
  9. Any other business


Attendees:Elton, David, Dan, Yi, Beni (JLab); Alam, Javiera, Francisco, Ricardo (USM); Matt (IU); Zisis, Andrei (UofR).

  1. Announcements
    • Collaboration meeting last week, so take up some loose ends today.
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Monitoring
  4. FCAL
    1. Drawings
      • Tim has given his approval for drawings at this stage. More work needs to be done on the dark room before additional reviews/feedback is needed.
      • Need to add geometry of new TOF and plexiglass panes to check for changes in photon reconstruction. Elton will check with Beni and/or Richard to add the geometry. Matt can do the simulations. Tim/Chuck have the latest dimensions for the plexiglass and the tof.
  5. USM update
    1. SiPM Update (Javiera)
      • Next shipment to JLab will be 280 units.
      • Elton: Need to order 360+10 SiPMs from Hamamatsu
      • Description of entries into the data base needs to be defined more clearly. (Elton will work with USM offline to clarify the definitions).
      • Francisco: Request for Hamamatsu to send final shipment depends on payments from JLab. Elton will check on the status of payments from finance. [Note added: All invoices were paid by the end of Sep].
    2. Light guides
      • Francisco: They will ship 400 guides next week.
  6. BCAL
  7. TDR
    1. Bcal (Zisis)
      • Additions to the Fcal TDR have been checked in (history, geometry, LED monitoring, SiPMs, Fibers, beam tests). Next, measurements on cosmics.
    2. Fcal (Matt)
      • Writing will start early next month. Hope to update the Fcal section from previous reports and reviews.
  8. Simulations
    • David: To generate the 2B events for the data challenge, there is a problem with the latest update to the Bcal simulation, which causes inefficiencies. It was decided to go back to an earlier version to avoid confusion over new software developments.
    • Matt: Who is going to be responsible for the Bcal software longterm? The plan is for UofR to take over this responsibility and will have some cycles starting in a couple of months.
  9. Any other business