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Status of applications, current and past allocations


  • NERSC: About 880CPUh are needed to process one 20GB evio file
  • PSC: About 150CPUh are needed to process one 20GB evio file

Site Submit Date Request (CPUh) Link Start Date Grant (CPUh) Used Expiration Date
PSC Bridges-II 1/15/21 2.33M DocDB 4864
NERSC 10/2/20 119M DocDB 4685 1/20/21 37M 1/10/22
PSC Bridges 7/11/19 8.5M missing (?) 10/1/19 5.9M 2.3M (39%) 9/30/20 12/31/20
NERSC 10/9/18 112M DocDB 3796

Information about the usage is provided here: Offsite Processing Log of GlueX Data Sets (private)