Online Data Challenge 2013 Required Software

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name type notes
GreenCheck.jpg cMsgNameServer Java Provided by DAQ group. Will be started by start_cmsg_server script
GreenCheck.jpg start_cmsg_server script(tcsh) Distributed with RootSpy or in hdops ODC2013 scripts area
GreenCheck.jpg evio2et C++ Feed events from evio file into ET system. Allows rate to be specified via command line or via message.
GreenCheck.jpg et2et C++ Example provided by DAQ group, may need modifications. Copies events from one ET system to another.
GreenCheck.jpg et2evio C++ Substitue Event Recorder. Reads events from ET system and writes them to a file.
GreenCheck.jpg jput ? Provided by computer center for copying files from raid disk to tape silo, hdops needs certificate.
DAQ and TTab plugins C++ DANA for reading in evio formatted raw data and applying translation table.
hdmon C++ DANA data monitoring program. Reads events from ET and generates histograms using RootSpy to distribute them to remote clients.
mon plugins C++ DANA plugins for each detector system to produce monitoring histograms.
hdl3 C++ DANA L3 trigger program. Reads events from one ET system and writes some fraction of them to another ET system
L3 plugin(s) C++ DANA L3 trigger plugin(s) that will be used to replace the built-in pass-through algorithm in hdl3
RootSpy C++ RootSpy GUI program
rsarchiver C++ RootSpy Archiver program.
scripts (python) Start and kill hdl3 program with appropriate plugins on all L3 farm nodes
scripts (python) Start and kill hdmon program with appropriate plugins on all L3 farm nodes
scripts (python,shell) Start and kill various ET systems. These will use ssh to launch and kill processes on the appropriate nodes so that the scripts can be run from any node or console computer.