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We decided to try to use our Windows-based PLC-related software in virtual machines so that we do not have to migrate everything because of hardware change. Myung created a Virtual Terminal Server for us, on 28-subnet. Note that we already had License Server on a virtual machine. To login to this machicne I use rdesktop -g 1800x1000 -d JLAB halldts1, and the halldusers has admin-privileges on this machine.

Installation of Rockwell Automation software on VM

  • Download RSLinx Enterprise from Rockwell Automation support site as an Upgrade. For downloading all these "upgrades" I use Joshua Ballard as my name and the serial numbers from the box that Mark used to have.
  • Unzip the file, and Run As Administrator the setup.exe file. We need to install FactoryTalk Service Platform from the installation menu first, then install the RSLinx Enterprise itself. This did not result in RSLinx executable in the Start-menu. This is strange.
  • Restart the virtual machine.
  • Downland RSNetWorx for EtherNet.
  • Download RS5000 Pro . Unzip it and Run As Administrator the Setup.exe file. During installation chose Complete option. Also check all box for optional components. Not all components get installed. Says that I need to install RSLinx.
  • I cannot download RSLinx Classic from Rockwell's web site. The serial number is out of support. Call RS customer service and am told that we do not have RSLinx tech support, so we cannot download RSLinx classic.
  • Install RSNetWorx for EtherNet. It offers installation of RSLinx Classic as prerequisite.
  • This RSLinx setup does not work. I can manually add the IP address of EN2T modules, but it gets does not get recognized, it shows as unknown device. There is no "Upload EDS file" button on right-click".
  • Uninstall RSNetWorx for EtherNet together with of RSLinx Classic that came with it.
  • I found a version of RSLinx Classic installation files on my flash-drive that I used to install RSLinx on clonwin3, and installed RSLinx Classic using that installation.
  • Install RSNetWorx for EtherNet again.
  • RSLinx Classic still does not work properly. Uninstall all software from Rockwell Automation!