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Pair spectrometer overview


18D36 magnet

GEANT Simulation (old)

Pair Spectrometer's geometry implemented in the GEANT simulation.

Pair layout tdr.jpg

The top plot corresponds to the elevation and the bottom plot corresponds to the plan views.

Energy resolution of 24 FSF (top) and 6 WSF (bottom) counters estimated with the GEANT simulation. The converter thickness corresponds to 5x10^{{-3}}X_{0}. The contribution from the beam spot size (~ 4 mm at the converter) to the energy resolution dominates for the high-energy bins of the WSF counters.

Ps count res.jpg

Photon energy spectrum measured by the pair spectrometer. The plot is obtained by requiring a coincidence between the FSF and WSF counters and contains 24 x 6 = 144 energy bins. The coincident rate corresponds to a high-luminosity run ( 10^{8} photons/sec in the coherent peak ) using Aluminum converter with the thickness of 5x10^{{-3}} radiation lengths.

Ps rate.jpg

TOSCA simulation

Pair Spectrometer TOSCA field maps, PS geometry *.opc and and TOSCA result *.op3 files can be found in /u/group/halld/Subsystems/PS/ directory.

Read readme.txt and summary.txt files for more details.


Readout concept

Pair Readout.gif

Readout electronics

Pair trigger.gif

Trigger electronics

Pair Spectrometer Converter

Technical drawing of Super Harp

Old Design

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