Physics Division Software Review Preparation Meeting Oct, 1, 2013

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Rolf E., Brad S. Dennis W., Javier G., Mark J., Ole H., Bob M., Graham H., Justin R., Patricia R., Veronique Z., David L., Curtis M., Mark I. Eugene C., Volker B., Steve W., Cynthia K., Yelena P.


  • 4 of 5 coming back. (Chris Jones is not coming back. Being replaced by another Fermi-lab person Liz Sexton-Kennedy)


  • Plenary: Very high overview with intent to give reviewers idea of how we addressed their previous comments
  • We should try and have end-users available for them to talk to
    • unclear precisely how to fold them in
  • One person probably should give overview talk in each hall
    • Hall-D will be Curtis