Physics Division Software Review Preparation Meeting Oct, 1, 2013

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Rolf E., Brad S. Dennis W., Javier G., Mark J., Ole H., Bob M., Graham H., Justin R., Patricia R., Veronique Z., David L., Curtis M., Mark I. Eugene C., Volker B., Steve W., Cynthia K., Yelena P., Johann G.


  • 4 of 5 coming back. (Chris Jones is not coming back. Being replaced by another Fermi-lab person Liz Sexton-Kennedy)


  • Plenary: Very high overview with intent to give reviewers idea of how we addressed their previous comments
  • We should try and have end-users available for them to talk to
    • unclear precisely how to fold them in
  • One person probably should give overview talk in each hall
    • Hall-D will be Curtis
  • In breakout session, each hall will need one representative on the "Computing Requirements & Budget" session
  • For now, assume time is evenly split in breakout sessions, but the halls should work out exact time allotments
    • If needed, the Executive session could be shortened to allow more time
  • Halls need to let Rolf know what time allotments are
  • Consider having a user talk about their experience
    • Video Conference?
    • Hall-B: Commissioning software?


  • Need to show some progress on milestones we stated last time
  • Online was shown last time and this time it will be computing and networking instead
    • We will need to show the non-CODA online software (L3, monitoring, transport to silo, ...)
      • This will be folded into the charge

Additional Meetings

  • Meet again in 2.5 weeks (Oct. 17th or 18th. Rolf will coordinate via e-mail)
    • Discuss the structure of breakout sessions
  • Meet first week of Nov.
    • Show outlines of how many slides will be dedicated to each topic (not final slides, not a dry run)