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(Non-strange Hadrons)
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| η' → 2γ
| η' → 2γ
| style="background-color: red;" not seen |
| style="background-color: red;" not seen |
| <math>\Delta</math> baryons
| <math>\Delta</math> baryons

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Spring 2015 Reactions/Hadrons Observation Status

This table summarizes the status of reactions and hadrons that have been seen.

Last Updated -- 27 Feb. 2015

Reactions and Hadrons:

    • red - Not seen yet
    • yellow - Seen, but not with 5 σ significance
    • green - Seen with >5 σ significance

(5 σ is rather arbitrary, we should quantify when possible)

Non-strange Reactions

Reaction Status Notes Predicted cross sections
p\pi ^{+}\pi ^{-} See Justin's studies 13.5 ± 0.5 μb
p\omega See Justin's studies. ω → π+ π- π0 1.9 ± 0.3 μb
p\pi ^{+}\pi ^{-}\pi ^{0} See Justin's studies no data
p\eta Should be seen in η → 2 γ, η → π+ π- π0 no data
\pi ^{+}\pi ^{+}\pi ^{-}n XXX μb

Strange Reactions

Reaction Status Notes Predicted cross sections
K+ Λ no data
K+ Σ0 no data
p φ 580 ± 50 nb
K+ Λ(1520) no data
K+ Σ(1385) no data
K+ K+ Ξ- no data
K+ KS Ξ0 no data
K+ K+ Ξ-(1530) no data
K+ KS Ξ0(1530) no data

Non-strange Hadrons

Hadron, decay mode Status Notes
π0 → 2 γ See Matt, Justin's studies
η → 2 γ
η → π+ π- π0
ω → π+ π- π0 see Justin's studies
ω → γ π0 see Justin's studies
ρ → π+ π- see Justin's studies
η' → π+ π- η
η' → 2γ
\Delta baryons

Strange Hadrons

Hadron, decay mode Status Notes
KS see Kei's studies
Λ see Kei's studies
Σ+ → p π0
Σ+ → (n) π+
Σ- → (n) π-
Σ0(1385) → Λ γ
Λ0(1520) → p π-
Ξ- → Λ &pi-
Ξ0 → Λ &pi0
Ξ-(1530) → Ξ- π0
Ξ-(1530) → Ξ0 π-
Ξ0(1530) → Ξ- π+
Ξ0(1530) → Ξ0 π0