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Spring 2015 Reactions/Hadrons Observation Status

This table summarizes the status of reactions and hadrons that have been seen. This table should be consulted together with the Calibration Dashboard and Physics Analysis pages.

Last Updated -- 27 Feb. 2015

Reactions and Hadrons:

    • red - Not seen yet
    • yellow - Seen, but not with 5 σ significance
    • green - Seen with >5 σ significance

(5 σ is rather arbitrary, we should quantify when possible)

Non-strange Reactions

Reaction Status Notes Predicted cross sections
p\pi ^{+}\pi ^{-} See Justin's studies 13.5 ± 0.5 μb
p\omega See Justin's studies. ω → π+ π- π0 1.9 ± 0.3 μb
p\pi ^{+}\pi ^{-}\pi ^{0} See Justin's studies no data
p\eta Should be seen in η → 2 γ, η → π+ π- π0 no data
\pi ^{+}\pi ^{+}\pi ^{-}n XXX μb

Strange Reactions

Reaction Status Notes Predicted cross sections
K+ Λ no data
K+ Σ0 no data
p φ 580 ± 50 nb
K+ Λ(1520) no data
K+ Σ(1385) no data
K+ K+ Ξ- no data
K+ KS Ξ0 no data
K+ K+ Ξ-(1530) no data
K+ KS Ξ0(1530) no data

Non-strange Hadrons

Hadron, decay mode Status Notes
π0 → 2 γ See Matt, Will M., Justin's studies
η → 2 γ
η → π+ π- π0
ω → π+ π- π0 see Justin's studies
ω → γ π0
ρ → π+ π- see Justin's studies
η' → π+ π- η
η' → 2γ
\Delta baryons

Strange Hadrons

Hadron, decay mode Status Notes
KS see Kei's studies
Λ see Kei's studies
Σ+ → p π0
Σ+ → (n) π+
Σ- → (n) π-
Σ0(1385) → Λ γ
Λ0(1520) → p π-
Ξ- → Λ &pi-
Ξ0 → Λ &pi0
Ξ-(1530) → Ξ- π0
Ξ-(1530) → Ξ0 π-
Ξ0(1530) → Ξ- π+
Ξ0(1530) → Ξ0 π0