Preparation for 2021 Run

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Below is a list of action items which we would like accomplish before the PrimEx Phase II run in Spring/Summer of 2021

Aligning FCAL in the Hall -- Coordinated by Tim Whitlatch
Moving FCAL platform by about 5 mm in X-direction to make sure that the beam goes through the middle of the FCAL hole (3x3 modules). The exact position of the platform should be confirmed by the alignment group

Perform preventative replacement of FCAL PMT bases in 4 inner rings, which is critical for reconstruction of Compton events -- Support needed from Chris S., Nick S. Fernando B, Mark D., Matt S.
Several bases have already been replaced in this area. The status of FCAL bases in the 3 inner FCAL rings was provided by Colin and is presented in the link below
Status of FCAL dividers in 3 inner rings

Perform preventative maintenance of FCAL PMT bases, which draw excessive current -- Support needed from Chris S., Nick S., Fernando B., Mark D., Matt S.
Diagnose and subsequently replace (reapair) bases which draw excessive current (typically larger than 15 mA), which is an indication of the possible failure of the base. Currently 200 - 300 FCAL bases exhibit such a big current.

Refurbish CCAL active bases
- manufacture 150 new active bases according to recent modifications by V. Popov and install them on the CCAL -- Chris S., Nick S., and Fernando B.
- Chris has already prepared a new PCB design for the active base
- ( replace bases: A.Somov, J.Crafts, V. Berdnikov )

Increase LED light pulse on the CCAL LMS system
- replace (use multiple LEDs) on the LMS system (A.Somov, J.Crafts, V. Berdnikov)
- Driver(s) for multiple LEDs Chris S., Nick S., and Fernando B.