Preparations for ERR Discussion June 20

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Video Conferencing Information

Meeting Time: 2:00 pm. Eastern

  1. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]
  2. To join via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: ( and enter the meeting ID: 907185247.
  3. To join via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 907185247.
    • US or Canada: +1 408 740 7256 or
    • US or Canada: +1 888 240 2560
  4. Upon connection all microphones are automatically muted. To unmute your mike on a Polycom or equivalent unit, enter *4. Unmuting on a computer is trivial as there is a microphone button than can be clicked.
  5. More information on connecting to bluejeans is available.

Participant Direct Lines

  • JLab Phone: in CC F227: 757-269-6327

Useful Links

  1. Documentation Wiki
  2. Draft Photon Beam Commissioning

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Status of ERR documentation
    1. Operation Links
    2. Training and Documentation
    3. Checklists
    4. Approved Procedures
    5. Adding an Experts page to documentation
  3. Other issues
    1. How to organize On Call List
      • Run coordinator, beamline, solenoid, (cryo target), controls, DAQ/trig/monitoring, Detec (DC), Detec (non-DC), mechanical
    2. Finalize COO Appendices
    3. SAF113kd documentation?
  4. ERR Review (July 1-2)
    1. Members of the Review
    2. Pre-brief Material (Tuesday)
    3. Presentation Ideas
      1. Overview [Eugene]
        • Schedule from now till Dec (and beyond)
        • Status of Experimental Equipment including photon beamline elements
        • Hall D photon beam / protections / FSDs
        • Schedule for completing installation
      2. Beam commissioning [Todd]
        • Experience with beam in tagger hall
        • Division of responsibilities between accelerator and Hall D
        • Beam protections /FSD
        • Plans for flushing out a commissioning plan for the photon beam
      3. Magnets and Solenoid, status and operation [Tim]
      4. Electronics/DAQ [Mark]
      5. Controls [Hovanes]
      6. Documentation, Procedures and Training [Elton]
        • Division of responsibilities between Experts and Shift Takers
      7. Summary, response to Committee Charge [Eugene]
    4. Agenda
      1. Tuesday
        • Morning: Overview, Beam Commissioning, Magnets and Solenoid
        • Tour of Tagger Building and Hall D [Tim]
        • Lunch [Who is organizing?]
        • Afternoon: Documentation/Procedures, DAQ/Monitoring, Summary
        • Executive Session
        • Homework
        • Dinner?
      2. Wednesday
        • Response to Homework
        • Report Writing
        • Closeout
  5. Preparations for Photon Beam Commissioning
    1. Internal Review (Aug 8)
    2. Participants
    3. Presentations
  6. Any other business