Pythia particle angular distributions

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The following plots show the angular distributions of photons, protons, pions and kaons at different momenta. Then central momentum is indicated in the plots. The width of the momentum bins is the difference between central momenta.
All particles that get stopped somewhere in the GlueX detector volume generate an entry in the plot. This means also low energy protons that never make it out of the target or get stopped somewhere on their way out.

p = 50±25 MeV to p = 450±25 MeV
Part mult vs angl 1.jpg

zoom in on angle

Part mult vs angl 1a.jpg

p = 500±25 MeV to p = 900±25 MeV
Part mult vs angl 2a.jpg

only protons and kaons

Part mult vs angl 2b.jpg