Quick Start Guide to building GlueX Software

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You gotta start somewhere. Here that means you need Xerces-C, Cernlib, and Root. The following need to be defined first:

  • CERN

Here is an example of a working definition on ifarml5:

setenv XERCESCROOT /group/halld/Software/ExternalPackages/xerces-c-src_2_7_0.Linux_Fedora8-i686-gcc4.1.2
setenv ROOTSYS /apps/root/PRO/root
setenv CERN /apps/cernlib/i386_fc8
setenv CERN_LEVEL 2005

Check-out and build

The following will checkout out and build jana, hdds, and the GlueX source tree in the current directory:

setenv GLUEX_TOP `pwd`
svn checkout https://halldsvn.jlab.org/repos/trunk/scripts/build_scripts
source build_scripts/gluex_env.csh
set make_targets="jana_build hdds_build halld_build"
make -f $BUILD_SCRIPTS/Makefile_all $make_targets

These five lines can also be found in build_scripts/boot.csh as an executable script (the second line checks out the boot_scripts directory).