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This page gives definitions of the condition variables stored in the RCDB as of RunPeriod-2016-02.

Condition Name EPICS variable Notes
beam_current IBCAD00CRCUR6 Beam current from electron dump (?) BCM, averaged over run, in nA
beam_energy HALLD:p Measured electron beam energy, in GeV
coherent_peak HD:CBREM:REQ_EDGE Requested high-energy edge of the coherent peak, in GeV
collimator_diameter hd:collimator_at_[block,a,b] 5 mm, 3.4 mm, blocking
luminosity N/A For future use
ps_converter hd:converter_at_[home,a,b,c] 5 x 10-3 RL, 1 x 10-3 RL, 3 x 10-4 RL, Retracted
solenoid_current HallD-PXI:Data:I_Shunt Measured current in solenoid magnet, in A
status N/A For future use
radiator_index HD:GONI:RADIATOR_INDEX Goniometer radiator position index, as described in this page.
radiator_id HD:GONI:RADIATOR_ID Goniometer radiator unique ID, as described in this page.
polarization_direction HD:CBREM:PLANE Direction of the photon beam linear polarization with respect to the floor: PARA, PERP, or UNKNOWN
radiator_type HD:GONI:RADIATOR_NAME OR hd:radiator_at_[a,b,c] Goniometer radiator name, as described in this page, Amorphous radiator (2 x 10-5 RL, 1 x 10-4 RL, 3 x 10-4 RL), or retracted
target_type HLD:TGT:status Status of LH2 target: OFF, Cooling, Filling, FULL & Ready, Emptying, EMPTY & Ready
polarimeter_converter hd:polarimeter_at_* Polarimeter's converter. Values: RETRACTED/Be 50um/Be 75um/Be 750um

Other Notes

  • When the nA BPMs are calibrated, we could use another variable for the beam current that might be more accurate for lower (<1 uA) currents, e.g. IPM5C11.VAL,IPM5C11A.VAL,IPM5C11B.VAL,IPM5C11C.VAL