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From time to time, we tag a version of the GlueX software to provide a stable release for analysis and development.

List of Tagged Releases

See Sim-Recon Tagged Releases.

Location in the Repository

All tagged versions are kept in the Hall D Subversion repository under They have names like release-yyyy-mm-dd and sim-recon-yyyy-mm-dd.

Source Tarballs

There is a directory with tarballs made from tagged releases of several of our software packages. See .

Pre-Built Releases

Each release is built on multiple platforms on the JLab CUE. They are located in directories under /group/halld/Software/builds/sim-recon. The name of the directory is the same as the name of tag directory.

Release Notes

Release notes can be found in the file "RELEASE" under the appropriate directories in the Subversion repository.

Backups of Builds

Backups of old tagged releases can be found on the JLab Tape Library. They are kept in the directory "/mss/home/gluex/backups/releases".

Instructions on Creating a Release

See HOWTO Create a Hall-D Software Release.